Called when a column is removed from a class, with the arguments (cls, connection, column_name, so_column_obj, post_funcs). Like AddColumnSignal this is called after the action has been performed, and is called for subclassing (when a column is implicitly removed by setting it to None).

post_funcs are called with (cls, so_column_obj)


f __sizeof__(...) ...

__sizeof__() -> int size of object in memory, in bytes

f __format__(...) ...

default object formatter

f __subclasshook__(...) ...

Abstract classes can override this to customize issubclass().

This is invoked early on by abc.ABCMeta.__subclasscheck__(). It should return True, False or NotImplemented. If it returns NotImplemented, the normal algorithm is used. Otherwise, it overrides the normal algorithm (and the outcome is cached).

f __init__(...) ...

x.__init__(...) initializes x; see help(type(x)) for signature

See the source for more information.